MMB Pro Apple CarPlay Android Auto Adapter

2017-2023 Vehicles Supported

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Wired to Wireless Carplay

Supports regular Carplay with Siri and apps such as Waze & Google Maps.

Phone to Screen Video Cast

Cast and play video directly from
your phone onto you car screen.

Enjoy in-Car Entertainment

Load and play video from a usb flash drive for the family to enjoy on the ride.

2023 Wired to Wireless CarPlay

Supports old & new USB port

Light & Compact Design

Product Dimensions
Compatible Car Models 2017-2023

Verified Reviews

Apple car play and screen mirroring dongle. Easy to set up and upgrade software. Installed on a 2020 Mercedes benz C300 coupe. Car play loads very quickly when starting car. CarPlay works as good as wired carplay. No sound lag. Iphone mirroring works very well with. U-tube. Video plays full screen. Interface very useful, wireless carplay, mirror link, Bluetooth audio and phone contacts very useful.

Louis J. Deglomini

Used on 2018 Audi A6 and 2018 Honda Civic. Now the car works like our newer car with wireless Apple Play. No more needing to plug in the iPhone every time. We also installed a wireless charging cradle, so just put iPhone in cradle, start charging and the wireless Apple Car Play starts playing through speakers - or navigation - or podcasts.

Company has had great communication, making sure everything worked, sending out instructions to update to latest firmware, and did another follow up about a month later. Would definitely buy again.

D. Wetherhold

 Very useful device I always wanted something that let me watch video on my screen and I thought I can only get something that do mirror link but thus device does even more than that it’s also work as a video casting so basically like if you have an Apple TV for your car.

It’s very easy to install and the tech support is amazing. There are some negative points but it’s not a deal breaker like the time it takes between changing from the main screen to the CarPlay and i don’t know if this a Mercedes problem or the device problem but when I am on apple CarPlay I can’t see the information in the driver screen like I would with regular apple CarPlay.


Great product. Great support. Very responsive when calling for tech help.


2021 Lexus NX 300 F Sport, I can say this product works...Completely wireless CarPlay. No more need for plugging lighting cable into USB port...Sounds awesome and recommended! Screen mirroring needs a update for the trackpad functionality...I suggest that the (Screen Mirroring) updated version show Phone function instead of TV Screen as default for Lexus vehicles...This would help for non touch screen owners. (Update) I ordered the remote controller and it works with my Lexus NX 300 F Sport...My vehicle isn’t equipped with a touch screen! The remote controller adds a bonus touch to this Wireless Dongle....The product will put you far ahead than old way of plugging your iPhone into your vehicles USB connector!!! Most 2022 models are coming with wireless CarPlay standard!!! So stay updated...It’s a good buy.


I like everything about this product. The seller was very professional from the beginning and always kept their promise. I highly recommend them - they even check on you to make sure that all is well with their products. Overall - I give them a 5 star.


I bought 2 different ones before, including one that was $300 and they all had connection issues. One stopped connecting altogether and the other connected and then disconnected constantly. This one connects quicker and works how it should. No rating on tech support because unlike the other ones I didn't need any.

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